While a birthday for an adult may not be as exciting as when we were children, it doesn't mean the date should Christian Louboutin not be celebrated. In fact, not only can adult birthdays still be fun, they can also memorable when originality plays a part. Don't just pick up any old generic birthday cake. Have some fun with a more personalized confection.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingCake Decorating Ideas for a BaptismAdult Birthday Cake IdeasPrint this article Billiards CakeMake this cake for someone who either loves the sport or the serious pool player who is a member of the American Pool Association. You can shape the bottom part of the cake like a triangle, and then decorate the top part to look like the balls when they are in the rack. Be sure to decorate the balls so that they look like the real thing.Stiletto HeelsFashionistas of any age will enjoy this cake. Shape a pan to resemble a high heeled stiletto. If the birthday girl has a favorite shoe designer, try to incorporate that. For example, for the woman who loves Christian Louboutin, use food coloring to make the bottom of the shoe red----just like real Louboutins.New York SkylineThis is a great cake for the New Yorker who loves his city. You can do this cake two ways. You can either take his favorite picture of the New York City skyline and have it printed on edible icing, or you can cut a pan cake to resemble some of the most famous buildings in NYC.Paint Brush and EaselAny painter will enjoy this cake. Show him that you care about his hobbies with a paint brush and easel cake. To make it even more unique, perhaps take a picture of one of his paintings, and have it printed on edible icing. Put that icing right on the easel.DegreeIf your loved one just earned her degree, show her that you are proud. Regardless of what degree it is, it is a monumental time in her life. Have the degree printed on edible icing and placed on a sheet cake.School MascotIf your friend is proud of where he graduated, support that pride with a school mascot birthday cake. He can wear his school mascot on his sweatshirt and now he can eat it too.CheckersDo you have a friend who loves to spend time playing checkers? Just decorate a square cake with black and white squares and add red and black candy pieces.Beer PongJust because an adult is out of college doesn't mean the frat parties have to end. Turn his birthday into a frat-themed party with kegs and a cake designed to look like a real beer pong game.American FlagIf you've got an adult friend who just finished up a tour overseas, say happy birthday while telling them that you are proud Christian Louboutin Shoes. A simple red, white and blue flag cake will not only taste good, but it's patriotic and will make him proud.SoccerIf your boyfriend spends his weekend playing soccer in the park, let his love for the sport extend to his birthday. Shape a cake like a soccer ball and decorate it. This works for any sports lover, including basketball, football and baseball.

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